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Coconut Palm Inn Wedding, Bridal Details

Nothing excites me more on a wedding day than photographing emotional moments. I love capturing a tear falling down the bride's cheek as she sees her groom for the first time. And I love capturing the groom's jaw dropping open when he sees her. Yet, something that I also highly enjoy are taking pictures of the wedding day details, especially rings!

Photographs of the rings are one of my favorite details to document. They mean so much to the couple. For the bride, the engagement ring that sits on her finger is something that she has been glancing down at for months as she eagerly planned her big day. It is a reminder to her of how lucky she is to have an awesome fiance and soon to be husband!

The wedding bands are a symbol of forever. As stated in most ceremonies by the officiant, the circle is never ending, just like the bond of marriage. I love that imagery. The rings symbolize a togetherness that is solely unique to the bride and groom. A deep intimacy and bond that is only found in marriage.

This particular image was photographed at Coconut Palm Inn next to a large window in the getting ready suite. The only light used to make this picture was natural light. I carefully arranged the wedding bands on the bride's ring dish. Although you cannot tell in the photograph, the ring dish says 'Mr + Mrs' in gold writing. I felt like the gold writing was a perfect backdrop since the groom's band is gold. The photo was shot with a macro lens.

Location: 198 Harborview Dr, Tavernier, FL 33070.

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