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Casa Feliz Wedding Pictures Winter Park, FL

Casa Feliz Wedding Photographer

Casa Feliz in Winter Park, FL has got to be one of my favorite wedding venues in the Orlando area. I have had the honor of documenting weddings here and I am never let down. At this particular wedding, Nathan saw Lorena for the first time. Nathan didn't seem nervous prior to the first look, grooms are usually excited. Lorena had a few nerves, but nothing crazy.

The photograph was taken under the archway at Casa Feliz in Winter Park, Fl. (The Spanish architecture at Casa Feliz is breathtaking). I love how this photo shows the sheer surprise on Nathan's face. His eyes are big and he cups his hand to his mouth as he seems unable to grasp the beauty of what is before him. This made for an unforgettable moment.

I choose to crop in tight to capture the groom's expression. My second shooter was placed on the opposite side and was able to capture the bride's reaction.

I chose to have the first look captured beneath the arch for several reasons. The first, was because I wanted to keep my client cool. Placing them in the shade was the best option for this. Secondly, this arch is one of the highlights of the old Spanish inspired architecture at Casa Feliz. Most of the pictures you will see from this Central Florida wedding venue features this arch. And why not? It's gorgeous! However, since this photo was meant to focus on the groom's reaction, I did not include the rest of the scene, as I felt that would be a distraction.

Location: 656 N Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789.

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