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Beautiful bouquet, Wyndham Grand Jupiter

This is a photograph of a boho inspired wedding bouquet by Simply Flowers. Simply Flowers is located in Palm Beach Florida and they specialize in unique floral arrangements for your wedding day. This is one of my favorite pictures. I love how the greenery spills over the sides. The pinks and neutral rose colors are not overpowering, just subtle, soft and feminine.

This picture was taken at the Wyndham Grand Jupiter at Harbourside Place and it is still to this day one of the prettiest and heaviest bouquets I've ever seen! I think that the bouquet weighed around five pounds or so.

A bride's flowers often set the tone for the wedding day. They should match the theme and vision of the bride. Simply Flowers was also involved with decorating the altar at my client's church and the centerpieces at her reception.

A portrait of the bride holding the flowers adds a touch of elegance to the photograph. My client was blown away by this bouquet when she first saw it. I can see why too, wouldn't your jaw drop if someone presented this to you on the morning of your wedding?

I love taking pictures of the bride holding her flowers at this angle. Spending money on a bouquet this large is costly, so I wanted to be sure that my client had a stunning photo that she could remember it by.

Location: 122 Soundings Ave, Jupiter, FL 33477.

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