Puppy Love: Introducing Rebel + Dixie!!

Hey y’all! I am sharing LOTS of puppy love here on the blog today! These pups have been stealing the show while Jeremy and I have been up here in Tennessee. No, Jeremy and I did not adopt any pups, they belong to my dad and stepmom. And they have totally captured our hearts, I could just eat ‘em up! 

Introducing Johnny Rebel and Dixie Lee! Rebel is a big honkin’ boy, his paws are HUGE! He’s a big baby, and is so clumsy! Dixie is a lover girl and also loves to steal her toys from Rebel. They’re both yellow labs, but we suspect that there may be some hound mixed in there somewhere. Their little wrinkled foreheads will melt your heart! 

Jeremy and I have been having to watch ourselves and not give too much love to these guys, cause our little Ollie is a jealous boy! Poor guy, probably feels like he has gotten left in the dust!

The gang's all here! Every morning they love running around and exploring!

Look at Rebel and those eyes! Such a sweetie!

Ahhhh.... This is the life that I could get used to!!!

We can't forget about Ollie!!!  LOVE this one of them!

I’ve also got to throw in some photos from our Thanksgiving Day table spread!! It was such a cool and pleasant day outside on the Farm. We got to set up everything outside on the picnic tables! My little niece Sarah and I set the scene, she was such a great helper :)

My sister, her girls and their pup joined us!


I sure do hope that everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving with their family. I am so happy to have spent this time away with Jeremy. I missed my family back in FL, but am so happy to have time away with Jeremy :)