When You Should Plan Your Engagement Session

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The other day, I got an email from a bride asking when she should book her engagement session. Many factors are at play here. But mostly, it’s all about when the wedding date is. I thought it might be helpful to share some of the advice that I give to my brides. I totally understand that the wedding planning process can have it’s challenges. I had 6 months to plan my wedding (with the help of a fabulous wedding planner!) and I remember that I still felt a little overwhelmed with everything that there was to do, probably because I am a perfectionist/typeA/worrier! My planner was absolutely fabulous and took care of everything for me, if I hadn't had her, I do not know what I would have done! So, let’s talk a little bit about engagement sessions.

If your wedding is in less than three months

If you book your photographer in less than 3 months prior to your wedding, then chances are you will be booking your engagement session with your photographer as soon as possible, like within a month! At this point you won’t be able to use the engagement photos for save the date cards, but you may be able to get a few printed to have displayed at your wedding if your photographer can process the images and get them back to you quickly. It kind of puts a lot of stress on the photographer to do that, so planning to enjoy the photos in your home is probably what you should expect.

If your wedding is in 6 months or more

Then you can absolutely plan on using your engagement photos for save the date cards! And, you can spend more time planning out your wardrobe, hair and make up. Having your wedding hair and make up trial done on the same day as your engagement session is a very popular thing to do. What better time to glam up a little for your photos? If hiring a wardrobe stylist is within your budget, you will have time to schedule a shopping trip to find the perfect outfit!

seasonal photos

Let’s say your wedding is on the beach in the summer. First of all if your wedding is on the beach in the summer, please make sure you plan to have an evening ceremony because the heat from the sun in Florida during the afternoon in the summer is torture! Anyways, back to our scenario. Your wedding is on the beach in the summer therefore all of your wedding photos will have an element of “summer” in them ie: palm trees, blue water, bright and sunny. Let’s say you’re wanting some variety for your engagement photos. You can plan on having your engagement photos done in the winter time. Your wardrobe can consist of boots, scarves and comfy sweaters. Your wedding photos and engagement photos would have a nice variety to them.


As a former bride, I suggest planning your session at least 6 months before your wedding. At this time, you can schedule a make up trial with your makeup artist that you will have at your wedding. Yay for looking fabulous! Having an engagement session sooner than later gives my brides enough time to order save the date cards, make prints, make engagement albums and guestbooks for their wedding. However, having a session taken in less than three months of your wedding is perfectly fine too


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