When Life Gives You Wilted Lemons

I had spent my entire morning glued to my office chair, eyes glazed over from the glow of the computer screen. I had been working on a few projects that quickly became a source of great frustration for me. I got up from my chair and rounded the corner for the kitchen, taking note of the dishes that were heaped high, the crumbs on the counter and the wilted lemons in the fruit basket. Was this my house?!

I love the idea of being organized and tidy, but my kitchen was telling a different story. Yep, and those were the physical signs of "too busy". And I know that when I let things get that way, it means that it's not just the kitchen that suffers, unfortunately. 

For the last few days, and probably weeks, I've been catching myself spinning my wheels and not taking the proper time to rest and recoup (and clean, for that matter). And in the process, I've become a tad snappy, disshevled, and disorganized! (those are a lot of disses)

Through a couple of circumstances I realized that giving myself permission to enjoy downtime and rest was just as important, if not, more important than working on all of those projects. If one must be more important than the other, I would be quick to say that recooperation would come at the top of the list. I believe in working hard, but I also have come to realize that you must be able to give yourself rest in between. 

To me recooperation means investing in things that I take value in.

Recooperation (AKA the things I value most) look a lot like this:
 *Spending time being lazy on the couch with Jeremy, eating popcorn and watching Seinfeld

*Taking random walks on the beach and squishing my toes in the sand

*Having Jeremy and I ride our bikes downtown for ice cream, while attempting to hold each other's hand and balance at the same time

*Bible study


*Being in the presence of family

I need more of these things to keep me sane! And I plan on enjoying some of these in the near future! 

What about you? Don't forget to water the areas of your life that you value the most. If you don't you will wither up just like those lemons in my fruit basket! By the way, I threw out the lemons :)