What to Wear to Your Engagement Session


I rummaged through my closet, shuffling through every piece of attire that I owned thinking to myself, "Eh, why didn't I just make myself one of those capsule wardrobes so this decision could be easier?!" I promised myself that I would. But, it was irrelevant now, because we had to meet our photographers at the park in 15 minutes and I still had to choose what to wear. Feeling pressured, I grabbed a dress off the hanger, and hoped for the best. Turns out, our family photos turned out beautiful and I was very happy with my choice of outfit. But, I could have saved myself the trouble had I planned better. 

Every bride often finds herself in the same dilemma after she books her engagement session. The choices for what to wear are endless. Today, I hope to help those who find themselves in a clothing crisis with four wardrobe tips by none other than, yours truly. 

Tip # 1 Neutrals

Time and time again, I will say




Neutrals are the number one way to compliment your skin tone and bring the attention you in your photos. If the very first thing you notice when you look at your engagement photos is the glare from your highlighter yellow dress, then so will everyone else :) Flashy, bright clothing will become a distraction in the photos. You cannot go wrong with neutrals!


Tip #2 Flattering

This is a good time to set aside a couple of hours to hit the shops and try on different outfits. Take the time to find something that will compliment your body type, and don't get frustrated if you cannot find it right away. Plan ahead so that you have enough time to shop. 

My biggest struggle is finding clothes that fit my 5 foot frame. I am constantly having to put things back on the rack because the pants are too long, or I have a train when I wear a maxi dress! Take a friend with you who can give you honest feedback. They will even choose clothes that you wouldn't normally try on and sometimes those outfits work the best!

In the images below, I loved how this long maxi dress fit Kate. She pulled it off beautifully!!


Tip #3 Variety

I always encourage my clients to bring a change of clothes to their session. Particularly one dressy outfit and one casual outfit. Variety is fun! First off, its fun to get dressed up for photos, so take advantage! Secondly, if comfortability is more your style and most days you and your beau can be found in jeans and a t-shirt (like me), there are some really cute ways to pull that off and still look great for your engagement photos!


Tip #4 Patterns

Go for patterns. But if you choose to wear a pattern, let your fiance wear a solid that will compliment the pattern. In other words, only one person should wear the patterned outfit. Having two outfits in the same photo that are "busy" will be super distracting! See examples of how my clients successfully wore patterns below!


I hope that these tips have been helpful! And if you want to go one step further, talk to Marianne Humburg, she is my friend and she is an amazing wardrobe consultant! She has great style and would be happy to help you!