3 Fab Style Tips: What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

Hey guys! I am SO excited to be featuring a guest on the blog today, this is a first for me! In recent months, I've really wanted to blog about wardrobe ideas and help answer the question 'what to wear to an engagement session'. So, I decided to reach out to an expert in fashion and style, Marianne Humburg, fashion correspondent and style blogger.

If you have been following my blog regularly, you would have recognized Marianne, as she has been featured in many of my posts in the past and has even helped me revamp my own wardrobe, something that I truly believe every woman should do every so often (it's so much fun!). Anyways, today, Marianne shares with us about wardrobe styling for an engagement session! 

Hi everyone! I'm Marianne, a wardrobe consultantstyle blogger, and lover of all things pretty. I'm guest blogging today here on Kristen's fabulous blog all about what to wear to your engagement shoot. I know this is something that people are dying to know so Kristen and I teamed up for a little mock e-sesh to shed some light on what exactly couples should wear.

Let me start off by saying there's no one size fits all when it comes to dressing for a shoot. Keep your and your future spouse's style, likes, and hobbies in mind. For me and my boyfriend we're a little preppy, a little Florida when it comes to life and style. We dress casually most days, but do enjoy getting dressed up for date nights and such.

Let's dive in!

We shot three looks to give you a broader range of things to wear.

1. A Vintage Touch/Casual Cool

For her: I know we've all seen those heavily vintage-inspired shoots around on Pinterest, and although we appreciate the creativity that goes into them we don't want to go that far. We've got the perfect solution. Pick a dress with vintage details in a modern and flattering cut. We picked this one up locally from Two Sisters Boutique, but I bet you can find one you love at any Anthro.

For him: Mix it up! Is your guy not much into getting dressed up? There's no reason to dress him up to match you exactly. His look just needs to complement yours. Ease him into this whole thing with a classic fit linen shirt and shorts. He'll feel comfortable and confident.



2. Keep it Colorful

For her: Living in Florida there is color around all year long. Take advantage of it by wearing a colorful frock from your favorite shop! I snagged this one from our local J. McLaughlin and can't wait to wear it again. Add in some more color with a fun clutch and call it day.

For him: Dress him up! Does your beau own a suit? Break up the monotony and pair the jacket with another neutral. Add a pop of color in the shirt and a fun pocket square to complete the look.



3. The Show Stopper

For her: Go big or go home. Did you find a dress that you are utterly obsessed with and is a complete showstopper? Wear it for your shoot! We scooped this one up on sale at J. McLaughlin, but there's more showstopping dresses out there to be had.

For him: Since you're looking all glam have him wear his suit. Make the look more casual by ditching the tie and unbuttoning the top button. If he's not averse to pink, add it to the mix! Another pocket square completes the look.


That's it! I hope this post inspired you for any kind of upcoming photoshoot. Remember to have fun and show your unique personality through what you wear!

Need help finding an outfit? Get in touch! I'm always up for a style challenge!

Special thanks to Shelley at J. McLaughlin and Sarah at Two Sisters Boutique for lending us the clothes for the shoot!

MANY thanks to Marianne for her hard work and fabulousness! Be sure to reach out to her for a style consultation!