This is Us | 36 Weeks


Photo Cred: Kimberly Smith Photography

Here we are! I'm 36 weeks now, officially made it to the nine month mark! I always wondered what  it would be like to get this close. Over the course of the last few week or so, I've gone through a mix of emotions that include:

*Excitement - cannot wait to meet Easton!

*Anticipation - when will I go into labor?!?!

*Exhaustion - pedal swelling is real and it's NOT fun!

*Nervousness - labor...AH!

*Joy - I'm going to be a momma!

*Peace - God's timing is perfect.

*Relief - baby's room is finally done!

I'm officially done shooting weddings/engagements until after baby Easton is born. I've been using this time to get little things done around the house. And I've also been using this "downtime" to work on administrative things in my business and relaxation! This past weekend was one of the most relaxing weekends. Jeremy and I spend the day in Jupiter on Friday, then on Saturday I spent time with a good friend who is also in her ninth month of pregnancy, and on Sunday, Jeremy and I had family over to the house for dinner. I'm really enjoying this time before the baby! Each week I get more excited, I just can't wait to see what little Easton will look like! :)