This Is Us | 34 Weeks

Ok, guys it’s starting to get real!

We are having a baby.

Time has flown by so fast, this pregnancy went by crazy fast for me! It seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant, and now I am 34 weeks. 

The question is, are we ready? 

The resounding answer is no :) 

Jeremy reassures me that we will never “be ready”, it’s just one of those kinds of situations where you just jump in. I’m sure the survival skills will kick in! We’ve got a little bit more to do in the nursery. The man from Home Depot is supposed to come today to install the window blinds, my family is coming in from Winter Haven today for my shower tomorrow, and I have been packing items into the hospital bag. 

I’ve got my LAST wedding before the baby on Sunday! And I am so thankful that I will have a stellar team with me on this one. If there was ever a time that I would need to lean on other photographers, this is definitely it. If you're reading, Kim and Frank, THANK YOU!

After this last wedding, I’m looking forward to a chance to rest and nest. We've done just about everything that we need to as far as upgrades and decor to our home, so we are set there. I’ll just need to organize the nursery. 

And then…I want to have a beach day. I want a whole day to just go to the beach, with a book and CHILL! 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t stop to mention how thankful I have been to God for a healthy pregnancy. Last night, as I was getting into bed, I kept thinking about how grateful I was to be able to have the energy and ability to do all the things that I need around here. <3