Top 10 List: Fall Season

There’s a subtle hint of fall in the air here in South Florida. Do you feel it? It’s ever so subtle. But it’s there, making me long for an afternoon curled up on the couch with my cozy socks, a book and hot chocolate. It’s nearly mid October and we are just now starting to feel like we are coming up and out summer. 

I’ve contemplated redecorating my living room to be festive for fall, I dream of one day having a home that is just as cozy as the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog. But I seem to be so busy these days to commit myself to a day of shopping at Kirklands, Hobby Lobby and Homegoods. I’ve resorted to lighting my faux fireplace and light my fall scented candles instead :)

Here’s 10 things that I love about Fall(in no particular order):

1. More offshore winds makes shooting sessions at the beach much easier (for my client's hair).

2. I get to wear more autumn colors (love earth tones!).

3. Fall means football season. And football season means nachos at my dad’s house for game day.  Plus the Gators are pretty good :)

4. I have more pep in my step which means Ollie gets to go for extra walks #ollieboy

5. It's wedding season!

6. There’s no shame in consuming an extra serving of pumpkin-anything, after all, you're just trying to be festive.

7. I won’t sweat as much when I shoot an outdoor wedding.

8. Less frizz and better hair days. *can I get an amen!*

9. Permission to wear fuzzy socks.

10. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, of course.

Just to name a few! I can't wait to embrace these wonderful little nuances that we call Fall :) Did I miss anything? What are some of your fav's?