Do Not Open Till December 25th


He sat the package down and carefully adjusted it beneath the tree. The hot pink box and gold ribbon looked enticing. “No peeking”, Jeremy said, as if he could see me opening it up with my eyes. 

I'd never peek. 

I only did that once.

I was in the fifth grade and I had gotten home from school hours before my mom was expected to come home from work. It was a few days before Christmas and there were a plethora of gifts neatly wrapped and nestled underneath the twigs of the douglas fir tree. With nobody around and nothing to do, I did what any curious 10 year old would do. 

I gently lifted the corner of one of the wrapping paper and lifted up the scotch tape. The wrapping paper didn't rip. It flicked open easily, not even bending the paper. My discovery excited me. I adhered the tape back to the paper and thought, “that was cool, glad Mom got me this!”. 

The fact that I had discovered how to peek and secure the wrapping paper back with the tape was too easy. I'd never be found out. So… I peeked at another. And another. It must have been the thrill of getting away with it because soon, I had snuck a glance at every. single. gift.

Oh the guilt that soon followed. I felt terrible! I didn't tell my Mom right away, in fact I think at least a few years went by before she ever knew. 

Here’s to never sneaking a peek again...Merry Christmas!