The Rising Tide Society: My First Meet Up!

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend my very first Rising Tide Society meeting! The group, called "Tuesday's Together", meets once a month and invites photographers and fellow creative entrepreneurs to collaborate in a group discussion about business. Most of the attendees are photographers, but, it is open to any creative entrepreneur!

The Rising Tide Society believes that a "rising tide raises all ships" and photographers are better together, in collaboration with each other, than they are apart. And that if we all put our heads together and join in community we will all succeed far greater than we would if we were lived in competition with one another. It's an interesting concept and one that I addressed a year ago, here, on the blog. 

I was so excited to have gotten to participate in one of their meetings. And it was so awesome to meet other fellow photographers! One of the best parts was going with my photog' bestie, Kim! Here we are walking the WRONG way to the meeting, LOL! Let's just say we rolled in fashionably late :)