The Beach

One of my New Years resolutions was to visit the beach more. To experience the beach, taking in the little subtleties that occur, sometimes without you even knowing it. Even if it is later in the evening, I still try to make it there. Just like I did today.

Off I went, trucking up the bridge in my car feeling like I was in a train of car on a roller coaster as it engages up the hill before the inevitable drop. Reaching the top of the bridge, the view revealed a shimmery blue river. Off into the distance, to my right, a cluster of white hulls were anchored down into the sand with dozens upon dozens of people enjoying what they call Sunday Funday on the sandbar. 

I continued on and arrived at my destination, my tires stirred up the white gravely parking lot, and a cloud of dust settled upon my car. As I opened the door, the salt-drenched air wafted up into my nostrils, and became more pungent as I approached the rickety old wooden boardwalk. I took in a cleansing breath as I gazed out into the Atlantic. 

Tiny schools of fish, so tightly packed, flung their bodies harmoniously, like a crescendo of musical notes. Evoking a sense of unbridled freedom, they ascended into the crest of a wave, only to be smashed by the pounding white water as the wave broke. I wondered how they could sense each other’s movements and work together as a team, in an attempt to escape their predators. Just as the thought crossed my mind, a pelican swooped down and plucked a few out of the water, an afternoon snack, the true meaning of an early bird dinner. Just one of the many things you'll find when you visit the beach.