summer time

Limeade + Blue Mason Jars

I can remember when I was a kid spending the summer days at my friend Laura's pool. Nearly all of the neighborhood kids would gather there for hours upon hours for endless swimming activities. Our eyes would be hazy by then end of the day from opening them underwater so many times. And I remember I was always jealous that Laura could do under water somersaults. I was always terrified of getting water up my nose and in my ears. I tried once and nearly freaked out.

To this day, I envy those who can do somersaults under water. Some things never change, I guess. But one thing that summers were made for was the lemonade that Laura's mom would always make for us. I believe it was Country Time, the powder stuff that comes in the plastic barrel. Oh, the refreshing taste of lemonade on a hot day!

The other day I found myself in the mood for the cold tangy taste of a margarita without the liquor. With this in mind, I decided to make limeade. To Pinterest I went, as I do when I want to scour hundreds of the best recipes. After a quick trip to the farmer's market, I arrived home with the goods.  As I stirred the sugar into the lime and water mixture, I thought about Laura's mom as she would vigorously shake that jug of lemonade like she was shaking up a snow globe. Nothing makes a hot summer day more refreshing than a cold beverage.

A few minutes later, I welcomed Jeremy home with a mason jar full of the ice cold lime concoction. He seemed to appreciate it just as much as I did!

With that, I sat myself down by the pool, refreshment in hand, just as I did on many summer days so long ago. . .


In case you all were wondering, here's the recipe, it's super easy!

*Juice of six limes

*About 2/3 cup of granulated sugar 

*Ice cold water

*One strawberry

Juice the six limes in a 2 quart container. Add the sugar and the ice water till you reach 2 quarts full, stir and enjoy! Garnish with strawberry :)