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Miami Engagement: Nicole + Jordan

Remember those few days last week where it was POURING for days, and days, and days?! Oh, I was SO hoping that by the time Nicole and Jordan's engagement session rolled around that it would clear up. Luckily, for us, IT DID! Could the weather have not been any better? To say that we had perfect conditions for an engagement session in Miami would be an understatement! 

I met Nicole and Jordan at Bayfront Park in Miami, where we started out our session. You see, this place is super special to them because they actually spend most of their time right in this area! They love big cities and football, notice the t-shirts? 

How he proposed: It was Jordan's idea to take Nicole to New York City to watch the Giants play. While galavanting around the Big Apple, he whisked her away to the World Tower where he popped the question! Her heart melted! Touchdown, Jordan! :) 

I could go on and on about these guys! They are funny, hospitable, generous, kind, and loving. I cannot wait for their wedding in March! 

Oh, you guys. . . !!

I love how their New York Giants t-shirts match this high rise in the background! 

Some people put lime in their coconuts while others put bling in their coconuts.

Between the hustle and bustle of the city park!

Nicole, not only are you beautiful, but your happiness radiates!

Two romantic souls in love!

"Wilson be Datchkos" . . . get it? ? ? 

After Bayfront Park, we headed to Key Biscayne. This place is SO beautiful! It's the perfect spot for to spread out a blanket and enjoy the sunset!

So I was walking, and I just happened to find this ring in the SAND! :) 


The city quieted down as we snapped the last few photos with the pink sunset over Key Biscayne. Perfect ending to a PERFECT Miami engagement session!