Beach Fashion: Featuring Marianne

Most of my summers were spent at the beach, IN the water surfing. Even if there were no waves that day, I would somehow talk my mom into dropping my friends and I off for the day and picking us up later, like it was some sort of institutional daycare. If there were no waves, we would carefully examine the tides and usually paddle out anyways in hopes of a miracle. We were that committed. By the end of the day, the beach left us sunburnt and worn out. But we loved it. And I still love it to this day! Most recently though, I have found that my time is being spent out of the water. My husband keeps prodding me to get back in and go surfing. He is right, I know I will have to do it again soon! 

At a recent shoot with Marianne, she brought a super colorful tunic, which screams "Take me to the beach!":) We lucked out with some pretty amazing morning light for this shoot! I love the bold "happy" colors, perfect for summer. To find out where you can get this tunic, check out Marianne's blog post here!

Happy July 4th!!