Downtown Stuart Photos: Marianne Fashion Blogger

One warm spring afternoon in a quaint riverside area of downtown Stuart, Marianne and I met up for one of our fashion photo shoots.  I always look forward to these shoots in eager anticipation! In fact, sometimes before we meet up, I prep myself by rummaging through my own closet and piece together a somewhat spiffy outfit. After all, I want to impress the fashion correspondent, of course!

When we are out on these shoots, I am always excited to see which outfit she will feature, what accessories she will wear, and what shoes she will stroll around in. I always get lots of inspiration from her style! 

Take away tip for me: Wear more skirts! Right now I own three skirts. Just three! I don't wear them nearly as often as I probably should, but when I do, I instantly feel "dressed up".

Also, note to self: go out and buy some cute black sandals :) These are SO cute!

Read lots more about this outfit on the Fashion Correspondent, Marianne's blog post! And be sure to check out more amazing styles on her Happy Closet Blog website :)