The Running List of "To-do's"


I feel like this is me, lately. Running in a race against the clock in order to get ALL the things done! My finish line is Feb.20, 2016. (My due date). I know, I know, only the Lord knows when baby will come, but in my mind this is the finish line in which I must complete all of my projects. 

I've kept a long list of things that I am slowlyyyy crossing off. Things ARE getting done, but just not at the pace I'd like them, of course! I have BIG dreams for my home, my family and my business. I've got a ton of ideas swirling around inside my head that I am trying to tackle one at a time. It feels overwhelming at times. I try to recalibrate the amount of energy that I put out on these projects in order to not run out of steam or burn out, it's not easy for someone who wants things done yesterday :) 

And just when I needed it, God reminded me of His grace that each new day brings.

Yesterday, I read this article. (Love this blog!). It really spoke to my anxious heart. I love what the writer says about where your thoughts go to when you first wake up in the morning. I'm SO guilty of turning right to my list of things to do first thing in the morning, without even taking the first few minutes of my day to connect with God's promises and slowly get into my day, instead of jumping in. 

So, when I woke up this morning, instead of rolling through the to list in my head, I paused and read scripture. :) It was nice to ease into my day ! This afternoon, I plan on taking a couple of hours to unwind and do something just for ME :)