Rainy Days + Hot Beverages


The situation: gray, gloomy, rainy, hot and muggy. Tropical storm Erica is to blame! It's days like these that make me want to curl up with a really great book, and sip hot beverages while listening to the easy light and airy voice of Michael Buble serenade me in the background. Perhaps prop my feet up on the coffee table and thumb through a magazine while chatting with my best friend on the phone. 

Rainy days can be good for a lot of things. Every time we have a gray rainy days, it always, without hesitation, makes me want a hot chai tea latte. Ok, maybe the weather conditions don't always have to be dull and dreary, but that definitely helps. I’ve taken a liking to drinking chai tea lattes to the whole next level by purchasing an enourmous amount in the last few days due to the weather. These hot, creamy beverages  are an indulgence that has wrapped itself around the heart strings of my taste buds.

So now, I am making extra trips to the eliptical machines and calling on a personal trainer to help melt away those sugary calories that I have so effortlessly accumulated. Despite this, I am hoping that the sunshine returns soon so I can snap out of my chai tea latte affair.