Something Blue + Colorful: Casual outfit with Marianne Humburg

Well between the daily chores, grocery shopping and tying up loose ends on a wedding gallery, I am feeling like today should be Friday instead of Thursday! Here's a little bit of what I have been up to. . .

A recent shoot with Marianne! I have been working with Marianne for a few months now. We schedule time during the late afternoon to hang out, laugh, but really, photograph her new outfits that she has recently picked up. It's always a great time, and I am so blessed to get to work with her. 


I love this casual piece. It's fun, fresh and vibrant. I am always inspired by her style :)

We shot these photos in Port Salerno. It's a very quaint fisherman's community consisting of boat yards, bars, and some eclectic art studios. Well, while we were there, the funniest thing happened. So, we're walking down this side road, along the fence line of a boat yard and there is a group of about three to four old salty men, unshaven, you get the idea. They are sitting on a wooden railroad tie, cigarette in one hand, booze in the other, roaring in a loud leg-smacking laughter. And here we are, two young ladies, totally out of place, wandering around among the old shrimp nets and crab traps. As we approach them, I see their heads dart towards our direction. As we got closer, one of the old men raises his PBR can and with a cracked voice says

-Hey, you girls lost, the rest of the men follow in laughter.

-Just taking some photos, we say smiling. We then [hurried] continued in our stride back to the car. I had to chuckle to myself!  


This has got to be one of my favorite photos of Marianne. It's genuine and real. We were laughing about how ridiculous we must have looked to the passerby's. A girl standing in between a metal bike rack holding a purse in Port Salerno while getting photographed. LOL! I ensured Marianne that despite how ridiculous we appear, this photo was going to be killer! And turns out, I think it was :) 

If you enjoy her style and want to find out more about this outfit, go to her site by clicking here :)