Five Years as Yours | Happy Anniversary!


When we first met, who knew that we would soon be taking weekly trips to the jetty to go surfing. You had me at your cutback :) It was shortly after that when we were floating in the water and you told me you loved me. Not long after, you flew me to NYC and proposed at the Top of the Rockafeller. (Well done!) After a few short months we were married, then we got a puppy and settled into a little apartment. Then we had to leave our apartment (they were serious when they said we couldn't have a dog) and we moved into a little bungalow. And now…its our 5 year anniversary and we are expecting our little boy to arrive any day! 

So much awesome-ness condensed into one paragraph (which probably has many grammatical errors, but it's ok!) 

It’s simple. I love you more now than I did 5 years ago. You’re going to be the BEST dad, because you are the BEST husband! Happy 5 year anniversary!