That One Time In March

Update on Ollie

one month after surgery

Back in early March, Ollie was running around like a normal dachshund. He had as much energy as the Tasmainian Devil and would run wild throughout the house. 

One day, we noticed that he didn’t want to jump and play and his mood became somber. Not typical for our little guy. 

We took him to the vet and they told us that he had pulled a muscle. Days later without any improvement and without the ability to walk, we realized this was more than just a pulled muscle and back to the vet we went. You can go here to read the turn of events.

Ollie ended up rupturing a disc in his little back! It was a crazy turn of events. He ended up having surgery and came home the next day from the hospital. Here’s his update a week after surgery.

It has been exactly one month since his back surgery and we are so happy with how he has recovered!! And he is off all of his medications now. 

Our little guy is playful, and has his spirit back! He is doing a teeny tiny bit of running, but nothing crazy cause we realize his surgery is still fresh. But, his desire to be back to normal is evident! I still can't believe that he was once unable to walk or hold himself up prior to the surgery!

We still have him confined to a little area in the living room about 3’x10’ for when we are not home. When we are home, we keep a diligent eye on him so that he does not jump on the couch (bad for the back). Outside he still gets walked on a leash just in case he attempts to run after a squirrel, one of his favorite past times :) 

We are so happy that he is pretty much back to his old self again! My hope is that he will keep improving as the days go on, and that we will one day look back and say, "Remember that one time in March when Ollie had surgery?".

I realize now that I should have included photos of him WALKING lol! Oh well. . .