On My Mind Today

A Story Telling Image

I’ve been pretty quiet around here lately. I haven’t blogged or posted on instagram at all in the last 10 days. I hit an emotional wall 10 days ago when my husband’s dad(my father in law) passed away suddenly. His father was only 62 years young. And the days surrounding that have probably been some of the saddest in our lives. My father in law, Harry was one of the sweetest men that I have ever known. His cheerful countenance and optimistic perspective always made my heart smile. He was so excited that we were having a baby. In fact, every time he saw me he would ask, "How's my grandson doing?" (He predicted that the gender was a boy!) We will miss him so much.

A couple of days after his passing, I was looking through photos and came across this one of my husband and his father sitting on their favorite swing in Tennessee. This photo was taken year ago at my dad’s farm. I remember walking outside to find the two of them enjoying the sounds of nature as they peered out into the pasture, rocking back and forth on the swing. I took my long lens out and unbeknownst to them, snapped a couple of frames. I love the story that the photo tells. But more importantly, I love the fact that I decided to take this picture.

This is a moment in time that I could have let pass by. I could have not picked up the camera and just let the moment be undocumented, risking the fact that it would have been forgotten. I'm not even sure if the memory reel in my mind could not have recalled this moment a year later. But instead, I chose to freeze this moment and not let it pass. And now, this photo is not only sitting on our shelf at our home, but it was also shared with so many people who were inspired by the father-son story that it tells. 

So, I am thankful that I caught this moment, thankful for my sweet father in law, and thankful for my capability to capture moments like this through photography.