Ringing in The New Year: Fresh Thoughts


The start of the new year always gets me excited. Yes, I totally buy into new years resolutions! 

And this is why.

I think it’s so important to have a self examination every now and then. And the new year is the perfect place to start. 

A few months ago, leading up to the new year, I took a good hard look at my life and my business. I examined how much of my time was spent in “busy”ness. And I realized quickly that I could not keep busy at the current rate I was going. 

Our society loves to give praise to the things that keep us busy. You might hear the word "hustle" thrown around in the creative industry. It is as if it’s to be expected of you if you are a creative entrepreneur, burn your midnight oil. I dunno about you, but I need to rest.

Of course, there’s a time to hustle, but all too often I am finding that the message to keep yourself busy is being pushed so hard that we are loosing touch with what is really important in life. Our life/family/relationships. 

My time is best spent when I am giving the very best of who I am to others. Not when I am giving them my “left overs”. I quickly found that being so busy meant that I was only giving a sliver of my full potential to the other areas of my life. 

The realization of this kept me wanting to find ways to be more productive and efficient with my time. I sought out resources, books, asked other creatives what their techniques where. And that began my journey towards conducting my business with purpose. 

That said, I was thrilled to learn that one of my favorite  photographer/educators Sarah Bradshaw was conducting a workshop that was based on some of the exact things that I was wanting to accomplish in my business. Her workshop, The Intentional Photographer, will be at the end of this month and I cannot wait to go!  This year, my I will resolve to be more organized and live life with intention, to conduct my business with clear focus and clean out the cobwebs so to speak. Happy New Year and here’s to a fabulous 2016!