A new change to my business!

Some of you may have noticed a new little watermark appearing in the lower corners of my photos from my last wedding that I blogged...And you might have noticed a beautiful new icon at the top of my website?! ...THAT would be my new LOGO! Yay! So, I was going to wait to put it up till a little later (project is in the works), but I have been so excited to share it, I just couldn't wait! 

My old logo was purchased off of a designer on Esty.com. While I really liked it at the time, I never really felt like it was "me". The font, the little swirls, the glitter. I don't think that I own anything with glitter, except for one bottle of Essie nail polish (which I don't wear) and I felt like I outgrew the logo... It was a tad too whimsical for me. It wasn't a true reflection of who I am.

Here's the old logo:


So, what I did was reach out to my graphic designer/fashionista blogger friend, Marianne Humburg who created this logo for me. We worked together to create what I had envisioned and I think it turned out perfect!  I wanted something that was more of a reflection of who I am and Marianne nailed it! 

Here's the new logo:


I obviously still love the color gold and blue :) 


Here is the gal who put this incredible logo together! I highly recommend her! Thanks so much, Marianne!! 


P.S.-- There's more stuff going on behind the scenes of my business that I am excited to share more of in the upcoming weeks!...I'll give you a hint...I'm working with Lauren Black of Legacy Loft to create something super fun! :)