Morning Coffee + Ollie

Sometimes he will sprint around the house as fast as his short little legs can take him. Doing laps, from one side of the house to the other, he will growl at us (playfully) to try to catch him if we can. His energy never seems to dissipate. This is especially escalated when Jeremy is gone and I am on a time crunch to get work done. It's like Ollie knows I'm too busy for play and he will intentionally bring me his toys, bark at me, stomp his little paw on the floor and demand my attention.

Then there's the other side of his energy, the lazy side. When he is completely tuckered out and will let you cradle him in your arms like a baby. This is the "lazy boy" side of him. It's the side that I prefer, lol! Like yesterday, we had come home after church (yay to Jeremy having off from work on a Sunday!) and Ollie decided he would have himself a lazy Sunday. He spent a good portion of it curled up on my bed while I did some work.

And now this morning. I'm enjoying some coffee and study time. And he has buried himself underneath the blanket next to me and has his head tucked out while he gets in his morning nap. Ahhh, the life. Ollie, thanks for being lazy while I can enjoy a cup of french vanilla coffee. 

Here's a snap of him from yesterday.