One Tool That I Am Using To Help Ease Tax Season



Tax season! For most photographers it's the bain of our existence! Hey, it's not my favorite season, that is for sure. Most creatives are right brained thinkers which means that their organizational skills are usually not always the best. We are too busy dreaming big dreams! But, the fact of the matter is, sure we are living our dream but we are also running a business. And running a business requires that we use the other half of our brain. Well, pop my bubble why don't you?! 

Recently, I ran into a rut with mileage tracking. Who thinks about mileage? I know I don't! I've gone through several ways of trial and error trying to figure out which way of record keeping is best. Every time tax season rolls around I make little changes to my system and the way that I keep track of things to make it easier for the next year.

For mileage, I used to hand write everything every week on Fridays. I would glance back at my planner and see where I had gone that week and then I would open up google maps in my iphone and enter the locations. From there, I would get the mileage and write it into my spreadsheet. This worked fairly well until we hit the holidays. From December to January/February, I practically did NOT record any mileage! Why? Because life got super busy for me! 

The holidays are typically a busier time of year. Once January rolled around, I was already caught up in getting my 2018 year started and hadn't given mileage a second thought. Finally, once I started gathering all of my tax documents to turn into my accountant, I realized that I had completely forgotten to track my mileage! Ah! For the next couple of hours, I scoured back through my calendar and began taking record. 

Don't you hate that feeling of playing "catch up"? For a business owner, there is nothing more displeasing than having to spend MORE of your PRECIOUS time rifiling through your records to gather the information that should have been part of your weekly system. That is when I decided that at this point in my business I needed to fine tweak my system and find a better way.

I had heard about mileIQ before, but had never implemented it. I decided, as one way to automate a redundant task, using mileIQ just made sense. Now, I literally do not have to think about it. It does all the work for me. Its a super cool app that tracks all of the drives that you take. It IS up to you to open up the app either daily or weekly (or whenever you'd like) and specify whether or not the drive was for business or personal. There is a little notification that pops up when new drives are logged which will help you remember to go in and categorize each drive. If you are interested in trying mileIQ AND getting 20% off, here is the link!