Introducing Baby Easton!!


Meet Easton

Introducing Harry “Easton” Browning! Born on Feb.25, 2017! Named after his Poppa, Harry Browning, Easton is now 2 weeks old and giving his Mommy and Daddy a run for their money! He's generally a good boy, but has his fussy moments where you just think you can't do it anymore! It's all newborn baby stuff :)

So how is life with a newborn? The first few days at home were the hardest. But it has gotten easier little by little. Easton doesn't quite yet have a routine, he is the one who is running the show! And motherhood is hard work. Hard. Work. I've shed lots of tears and struggled with "I don't think I can do this". I've prayed for patience and endurance...and for Easton to give us some sleep! It's hard work, but it is rewarding. And from what everyone says, it will get better. 

Lastnight he slept like a champ, I accidentally hit the snooze on my alarm for his feeding and he slept 5 hours straight! After eating he went right back to sleep, giving us about 7 hours total! I don't think we have had that much sleep since before he was born!!

Jeremy has been a phenomenal husband and father. I couldn’t have asked for a better man in my life than him. He has really supported me through the adjustments of motherhood!