Jumping In

 Simple Adventures. . .

It was a hot day yesterday here in Tennessee, but it was the perfect day for a canoe trip down the Calf Killer River. One dunk of my tippy toe in that ice cold water and I was happy that we were canoeing and not tubing, as originally planned! About 1/2 way down the river, heat stricken and thirsty, we came upon a refreshing mini waterfall. The water trickled down and there was a perfect little spot for us to park the canoes and explore. 

The guys were the first to dunk their heads right under and feel the rush of the ice cold water. For me, I debated dunking my head while I considered the fact that I had just washed my hair that same morning. But then I thought, how often do you get the chance to cool off in a waterfall?! Next thing I know the guys were getting in the water for a cold dip. Too bad I forgot to bring my bathing suit! Then someone suggests "Just go in with your clothes on!". I glanced down at Jeremy as he is enjoying the water and is egging me on to just jump in. The younger version of myself wouldn't have given it a second thought and would have leaped in the water, but the 30 year old inside me hesitated.

I've always had an adventurous side that would seek thrill and excitement. In middle school I taught myself how to surf and skateboard. I entered in the National Scholastic Surfing Association Competitions, though I never placed, I still pushed myself. I've surfed in Hawaii, Mexico and Costa Rica. In fact, one of the things that drew my husband and I together was surfing. I still have a card from him that he gave me on my birthday one year that reads "For your birthday we will have a surf date..." I think that it was my sense of adventure and my desire to do something that he loved too that attracted us. 

Throughout the years, I have slowly slipped away from that adveturous side that I once knew so well. The girl who would drop into the face of an eight foot wave was now only dropping onto the couch eating bowls of popcorn. I hate to admit, but it's true! Where had my adventurous side gone? Was it simmering beneath the busyness of life?

Finally after a going back and forth with the idea of submerging myself into the ice water, I got in! The water was invigorating and left me feeling so refreshed! Best of all, Jeremy was glad to see me take the leap :) This instance made me think: how often am I held back by my own quirks and end up missing out from experiencing some of life's finest joys?!