Recently I had one of my brides ask about engagement sessions. How to prepare, what to wear, etc. I decided to compile a list of things for her and to help guide future brides.  Enjoy!

1.) Location: I encourage my clients to choose a location that is unique to them. Not only is the session to photograph affection between the bride and groom, but it is also to showcase their personalities together within a scene that tells a story about them. You can read about Megan and Nick's engagement story here and find out why this particular location was important to them.

2.) Time of year: I'm the type of girl who appreciates variety. I mean, come on, what girl would want to wear the same clothes every day?! Speaking of which, I need to go shopping, lol. I find it interesting to shoot engagement sessions in a different season than the wedding date. For example, a bride with a July wedding might want to shoot her engagement session in January rockin' a pair of killer boots; maybe even some mittens, all while wrapped in a blanket with her man! Oh, and don't forget that bottle of wine!

3.) Wardrobe: I'm going to say something very Carrie Bradshaw right now: Wear something that you feel fabulous in! Yes, fabulous! I used to restrict certain colors, but now I tell my clients to just stay away from neon colors or any clothes with huge distracting patterns, as it can sometimes be difficult to "compete" with the couple vs. the clothing. Remember, the engagement session is about you and your fiance--and remember to accessorize! A great pair of earrings and a necklace will not only tie your outfit together but will also frame your face. Clients will typically bring two changes of clothes i.e., something formal and something casual. Will you be having your hair and makeup professionally done? Brides: schedule your hair-and-makeup trial the day of your engagement session!!

4.) Time of day: I love, love, love the light during 'golden hour', which is typically about 60-90 minutes before the sun sets. The golden light that filters through the surroundings and pours into my camera is magical! You may find at times that the day will sometimes be overcast--and that's ok too; but I advise my clients that shooting time should start about 90 mins prior to sundown.

Was this post helpful? I'd be happy to answer any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I look forward to sharing more insights in the weeks to come!