3 Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

"This is it!! We have found the one!!!" I announced from inside the tiny boutique dressing room. A few of my closest family and friends stood on the other side of the curtain waiting for my big reveal. When I stepped out from behind the curtain, their smiles widened and they clapped their hands with excitement. I was ushered up onto a pedestal in the corner of the shop, surrounded by mirrors as if being on display. I couldn't help but admire the elegant, hand crafted beading and chiffon material. My mind began to trail off as I studied the dress, and I envisioned myself at my outdoor wedding, walking down the aisle, the breeze blowing through the chiffon material, a picture of romance. 


I'm sure every bride remembers the feeling of slipping into the perfect dress. I realize that the process of finding the perfect one isn't easy. At least, it wasn't easy for me!

So here are 3 tips to say "yes" to the dress!

1. Choose Who You Shop With

I can't think of a worse way to shop for a wedding dress than to shop with someone who picks every little thing apart. Yes you want an honest assessment, but be sure that the person(s) you include are those who have your best interest in mind. Be careful about taking too many people along because too many hands in the pot can create tension. Don't forget the best part is shopping with your Mom!! And she WILL cry, so bring some tissues!

2. Have a Vision

I know most girls envision their wedding dress when they are in infancy, lol! Not really, but we have a pretty good idea of what we want LONG before we are engaged, or even long before we have a serious beau :) Having a vision will help you weed out any duds that you will eventually stumble upon in your quest. Keep the vision in line with your wedding theme too! It would not have made sense for me wo wear a ballgown style wedding dress to my outdoor riverside wedding. This is also a good time to think about whether or not you want to have a party dress to change into for the reception :) I love that idea!

3. FEEL Confident and Gorgeous!

It's all in the way you feel when you are wearing your wedding dress.  You should abosulutey choose a gown that makes you feel gorgeous. When trying on the dress, watch what it does when you walk, sit and twirl around. I know for me, there were certain styles that I just couldn't pull off. Choosing a gown that shows off your best shape will not only help you feel confident, but that confidence will also shine through during the wedding portrait portion of your day! (yay!)

Happy Wedding Planning!