Choosing a Wedding Venue

Over and over again, I would question and second guess which venue would be best for us. It was daunting. The wedding planning process. The details. The dilemmas. The budget. All the decisions. 

Unless you have a specific and clear vision of what you want, searching for a wedding venue can actually be quite the struggle. I was in your shoes a couple of years ago. I get it. The best advice I can give is to not think about the actual wedding. Instead, think about who you and your fiancé are as people.

What defines you?

What shapes you?

What inspires you?

Jeremy and I both grew up in similar fashion. We both spent 99.9% of our high school days at the beach working on our cutbacks and elevating our desires to look like Kelly Slater and Lisa Anderson in the water :). We could easily wear flip flops every day of the week and spend time as much time rocking in a hammock beneath swaying palm trees. 

After we had set our wedding date, we carefully considered a venue. This was one of the very first things in the wedding planning process that I was eager to check off my list. Here in south Florida, there were TONS of great places. I remember feeling overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. Weather you were looking for a small intimate venue or a bigger, high end venue, the options were endless!


Think about the atmosphere you want.

I will give the same advice I give my engaged couples when I ask them to choose a location for their shoot: what kind of location expresses who you and your fiance are as a couple? What are your hobbies and adventures centered around? Think about the feeling you want during your day and what you want your surroundings to be like. 

Remember how I described Jeremy and I at the beginning of this text: We were surfers who loved the outdoors.

After milling over the options, we decided to have our wedding at River Palms Cottages in Jensen Beach. It had everything that we wanted: it was quaint, it was on the water, it was beautiful and it was outdoors. Plus, it was an appropriate place to have a beach themed wedding. Initially, I wanted to have my wedding on the beach, but opted for a river-side wedding for fear that I might risk getting too wind-blown at the beach (a girl's gotta think about the frizz factor, lol!).

Take away Tip: 

what location tells your story? Every couple has their own story. The wedding day should be a reflection of the two of you and the venue should help illustrate your story.

Happy Wedding Planning!