House of Refuge Engagement Photos | Stuart, FL | Ashley and Brad


I was so excited when Ashley called me from California to set up her engagement session at House of Refuge Beach. She wanted to have photos on the beach and include her pup, Chloe. We got to planning and were blessed with perfect beach weather for photos! And Chloe loved getting her portrait taken too :)


They found each other in the most unlikely of places. She was best friends with his sister and for a long time, Ashley and Brad where only friends. It wasn't until their paths crossed in California that everything changed. A spark was set off and after pursuing her long enough, Brad was able to make his way into Ashley's heart.

Soon after, they would be spending every single day together while enjoying the California lifestyle and falling more and more in love. It wasn't until Brad had to go leave California, that made Ashley realize how much he really meant to her. It was the distance that made her heart grow fonder. 

Brad knew he felt the same and he had something really big planned for Ashley. During a birthday party for Ashley's grandma, after the cake had been cut and happy birthday's were sung, another cake mysteriously fell in Ashley's lap. Only, this one had a photo of a hand and a message that read "Ashley, what's missing?". Confused, Ashley read the words "Ashley, what's missing?" over and over. Astonished, she looked down and there was Brad, down on one knee with a diamond staring back at her. She couldn't believe that she was being proposed to by the man of her dreams!

*UPDATE* Ashley and Brad had a baby! Check out their in home newborn photo session!

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To Ashley and Brad, thank you. Thank you for your wonderful inspiring love story! I hope that our paths will cross in the future and I wish you all the best as you plan your amazing wedding in New Jersey next year!