Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

Helllllllooooo, Friday! And a very happy birthday to my husband, Jeremy! Yes, today is his birthday. I wish I could say that we were doing something super fantastic like hitting up our favorite breakfast joint, or going for an early morning beach walk, but *sigh*, we are both working today. 

We have had a combination of blessings and curses the last few days. One of the blessings included a new car for me! Complete with shinny wheels and a clean, fresh smelling interior. The downside though, was that our other car's air compressor went out, which left us well, deflated and several hundred dollars poor! Needless to say, this week has been bittersweet. 

This morning, I presented to him a card with his favorite sugary sweet from our local Fresh Market. While he is taking calls at the fire station, I’ll be counting down the hours until our mini getaway to Orlando to meet up with friends and family!

I figured a meet up with our favorite people and a little getaway would be the best gift to give him this year. Why not hang out with people who can make you laugh till it hurts on your birthday? Yes, please, sign us up! Now, I am frantically trying to figure out what we are going to do with our little Ollie boy while we are away. Poor little fella.


Jeremy, despite a rough snag in our week with the car, I can always count on you to care for me the way you do. To the guy who goes out of his way every night to ensure that I have a glass of water by my bed, massages my feet after a hard days work, prepares a fruity protein shake for me to keep me energized, and always cares for our little Ollie boy, you mean more to me every day. I hope that this year I can be as much of a blessing to you, as you have been to me, happy birthday!!