We're going to Tennessee!

At around 2:45am I woke to the sound of crickets. No, it wasn't the cute Jiminy Cricket type. The culprit rather, was the digital noise of our iPhone  alarming us to spring out of bed and get our happy tails in the car. We were going to Tennessee and  had a long 12 hour drive ahead of us! For me, not being a morning person, being  jostled at such an hour stifled my soul desire to remain in full REM sleep! Not Jeremy though, being a firefighter he was accustomed to this kind of ungodly awakening! And I commend him, it's not easy! Even Ollie, who was nestled under the covers next to me didn't want to budge. After many failed attempts to hit the snooze and somehow convince Jer to just give me 5 more minutes, we finally got those happy tails of ours in the rental vehicle(including Ollie).

Since we've been married, Jeremy and I have visited the farm a few times now. It's such a peaceful place to be. One thing we love about is the quiet and the serene, peaceful feeling that you get when you breathe in the fresh mountain air. There's no signs of hustle and bustle. No rules or regulations to abide by (not that we are lawbreakers,lol) but you just get that sense of freedom  :) It's just a place where you can "let it all go. . ."

So this time, we felt it necessary to get Jer's dad to come with us. He's never been and he has recently endured some medical issues and stress. We felt like this would be one of the best medicines for him. Side note: he might be slightly miserable vacationing with a nurse (me) who will be monitoring his meds and diet, lol! So far, I've taken inventory of his morning blood sugar results :) 

I must mention that in good ole southern fashion, we cranked the stereo and turned up  Old Crow Medicine Show(our fav bluegrass band) soon after we crossed the Tennessee line. After many miles, highways, byways and Ollie potty breaks, we finally rounded the corner and arrived to the long country road that eventually led us to The Farm.

Tonight, we will sleep among the country crickets :)