8 Awesome Gift Ideas to Give Your Bridesmaids

During the 6 months of planning my own wedding, I vividly remember wondering what kind of gift I would give to my bridesmaids. Why I remember it so vividly? I have no idea. Perhaps it was because in the midst of planning a wedding, making desicion after descion on what kinds of plates, silverware, table cloths and other do-dads I would employ, that I was left completely stumped. I knew that I wanted to get them something that was practical, beautiful, personal and sentimental. I wanted to find something that could be worn/used for years to come, not just limited to my wedding.

Looking for help, I turned to my maitron of honor, Kristy for advice, as I did so many times during the entire wedding process. Not only does she always give great gifts herself, but she has great taste as well, I knew I could trust her! We sat around the crowded nurses station together (at the time we were both working as nurses at the hospital), and in the midst of ringing call bells and physician banter, we put our minds together, eventually finding the perfect gift. 

Having one more thing to have checked off of my endless to do list left me with a little bit more pep in my step. With that said, I wanted to take a little bit of time to search the infinitely vast online Etsty store. Here are 8 insanely awesome ideas for your bridesmaid gifts:  

1. Monogram tortious shell necklace



Hopefully this will spur you on to finding the perfect gift for your gals :) 

Happy Wedding Planning!