Friday Introductions

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I admit I have fallen behind on that! So much is going on right now, and it seems like the time is just slipping by so quickly. It's already heading towards the end of October and I am doing all that I can to slow down… Which ain't easy! 

This photo was taken by Jessica Bordner, a photographer that I have recently befriended and had the honor of second shooting with last week. You may be wondering what's with the gorgeous vintage furniture? That's courtesty of Urban Vintage, and was used at the open house at Magnolia's Acres on Sunday, where this photo was taken. (Magnolia Acres is a beautiful rustic outdoor wedding venue located in Vero Beach, perfect for a bride who is looking to have a unique outdoor wedding with Southern appeal!) 

So it's Friday night and since I've been absent lately, I thought this would be the perfect time to kick of a "Friday Introductions" (#fridayintroductions) series, where I basically share something random about myself that you may have not ever known. 

To start, I'ma Floridian. 100% born and raised Florida Cracker, I bleed orange and blue. Though I didn't attend University of Florida, I was raised as a Gator. My family history dates back to the 1800's where "we" were some of the first families to settle in Miami. Some of my ancestors were even pineapple farmers along Indian River Drive, not too far from where I live now.

Because my Floridian roots run strong, I get cold when it is 72 degrees. Seriously. Ask my husband, it drives him crazy! Isn't that something? Am I the only Florida girl who has to bundle up with a blanket and some coffee when the temps dip down into the 70's?!