Four Years as Yours

I’ve always been a sucker for love stories. It could be any form of story, a Lifetime original movie, a Disney movie (I actually cried during the movie Tangled!). I can watch them over and over, like some of my favorites, The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally and Sleeping Beauty (my fav as a kid). It’s the story that always gets me. You know what happens in the end, the good guy always wins and the girl gets swept off of her feet and they live happily ever after. Aware of the outcomes, yet still, my captivation of them never fizzles.

And our love story is no exception.

I remember the beginning. God had intervened in our lives to bring us together at the perfect time. I was on the cusp of letting go of trying to do things in my own time and make a life that served my own desires. Instead, I gave my life over to The Lord, giving Him the pen so that He could be the one to write my story. 

I remember one of our first dates. We sat across from one another in a booth, taking turns grabbing chips out of the basket and scooping salsa. Jeremy made a point to tell me that you were going to date with the intention of marrying the person, dating with intention. No more dating just to date. There, over salty chips and salsa, I thought, finally…a guy who “gets it”. I was hooked.

I like to think about our story and what makes it so amazing. I was the girl whose heart had never let go of hope that one day, God would send me the perfect guy. And the world would be right. Our story is the one I can replay over and over. Jeremy, you are the hero in our love story plot. You're the Noah to my inner Allie, the Tic to my Tac, and I am so happy that I am yours. Happiest four years! Happy four year anniversary!!