First Comes Love. Then Comes Marriage. Then Comes. . .

Baby Browning due February 2017!

Photo by Kimberly Smith

This is definitely the biggest news to hit in a while! Ah! I am 13 weeks! Last Monday we heard the heartbeat for the first time. I can honestly say that it was the sweetest sound that I had ever heard! It truly is a little miracle :)

For years now, Jeremy and I have been asked when we will start a family. And to be quite honest, we really wanted to take the first couple of years of our marriage to invest it just in ourselves as a couple. We’ve done SO much since we got married:

  • We’ve moved two times
  • Bought a house. 
  • Jeremy started a job with the fire department
  • He was honorably discharged from the Navy 
  • He started paramedic school. 
  • I started a business from scratch while working full time and as the business grew, 
  • I slowly transitioned out of my full time into a per diem position. 

Time has flown by and we have done so much to build to where we are today. 

That being said, looking back, I can see where the Lord has guided and directed us to get us to where we are today. And now, He has called us to be parents! This is a huge role that we will be fulfilling and we(I) have gone through a gamut of emotions in the process. Some of which (and are totally normal) include: joy, nervousness, laughter, tears, but always trusting in the Lord through it all.

The first few weeks, I was nauseous and completely exhausted, like nothing I had ever felt before. It was the type of exhaustion that leaves you totally unmotivated to anything at all. I didn’t care that there were dirty dishes in the sink, or dirty laundry in the hamper, or the fact that dinner was going to be popcorn and ice cream for that night. It was so draining! I took 2.5 hour naps a few times a week! So crazy. Luckily, that is mostly done, though I do get tired out faster than I did before. I’ve taken on yoga, which I love! And I’ve been really trying to exercise and stay on a routine. 

In preparation of having a baby, we are in the process of getting all of our “fixer upper” things done at the house that we swore we would do within the first year of moving here, but never did. For starters, we’ve sodded the backyard, painted the house and the pool deck, and I’ve been looking at new furniture for the interior. 

I am going through a ton of, I guess what you would call, Mommy preparation around the house. Room by room, I have been purging things that we no longer use, and concentrating on making the home efficient and organized. Must be the type A that dwells within. I like to prepare and have everything in order before a big event. This being one of the biggest events in our lives, you could say that we are in “go” mode. Either way, the house is getting a “facelift”, in preparation for Baby Browning!!

Thanks for reading, please keep us in your prayers as we transition into parenthood :)