Hitting The Reset Button

Finding Time To Enjoy. . . 

This morning I am really enjoying my time up here at The Farm! The sun is shining and streaming down on the green hills of the pasture. The symphony of the birds are chirping to their own tune and the bellowing sounds from horses makes me laugh! I just finished a cup of coffee underneath the gazebo that overlooks the pasture. Ollie and Jeremy just joined me to say hello :) Ollie loves it too, he has ran around the yard and barked at the horses to his little heart's content. Jeremy, like me, has enjoyed the simplicity of farm life. 

One thing about the farm is its ability to strip out any tendencies you may have to be stressed. In fact, it will take you in the complete opposite direction. I just turned to Jeremy and said, "I feel so lazy!". He tells me it's ok to feel this way, lol :) And he is right because in the craziness of life, it is very important to make relaxation like this a priority. We all need it for our own sanity. It's like pressing the 'reset' button on your life.  I totally need to do this more often! Even though I don't have the ability to come up here to Tennessee all the time, I need to figure out a way to press my own reset button at home :) That is something that I will be sure to work on in my life. Not only will it benefit me, but it will also benefit Jeremy. Cause I know that if I am happy, he is happy too!