Stuart Engagement Photos | Anna + Michael

Stuart Florida is known for it’s small town charm, coffee shops, boutique gift shops, and beaches. It’s appeal is evident to everyone. But, when my clients ask if they can have their engagement photos taken in downtown Stuart with their puppies, I jump up and down!

For Anna and Michael photos of the two of them with their dachshunds sounded perfect! We photographed their sessions in two locations. Our first location was Harbor Bay Marina which is located at the foot of the Roosevelt next to Sailor’s Return and Gilbert’s Bar Coffee Shop. We used the little sidewalks that bordered the area to take some walking shots of Anna and Michael with their pups. We then headed over to the dock and photographed them next to all of the incredible sailboats.

Our next location was the very popular House of Refuge Beach on Hutchinson Island. I do not normally photograph couples in two different locations, but only on a client’s request. We took a few photos on the dock at House of Refuge and then scaled the rocks to get down to the river. Anna was super brave and was the first one to climb down the rocks! :) Our session ended down by the water as we said goodbye to the sun as it slowly sinked behind the clouds.

Here are some of my favorite images from our time together!