Baby Easton | Two Months


2 Months Old!


I have been tryinggggg to set some time aside to write out a 2 month blog post for Easton for weeks now! It's just been so crazy busy around here. That's no excuse though because I desperately want to keep records of his life!

So how is Easton? He's great. In fact, right now he is asleep in my arms. It's 6:00 am and he was wanting to wake up for the day after his morning feeding and I just couldn't start my day yet. So I swaddled him up, gave him a paci and we are chilling in the recliner :) *jeremy is bringing me some coffee to sip on*


2 month milestones:

-He is definitely more expressive, loves to smile and "talk" to you.

-Sleeps from about 8pm-5am.

-Beginning to put himself to sleep while awake (without being rocked to sleep!) this was HUGE for him. The only way he used to fall asleep was if he was being rocked! If you're interested in learning how he did this check out

-Gaining lots of weight & getting a chunky belly!!

-This month he conquered breastfeeding!! It was a huge struggle and I ALMOST gave it up. Im so happy I stuck it out though!

-Felt the rain on his head for the first time

-Had his first Easter and had a meltdown :) His evening bouts of colic seem to have resolved though so that's a good thing!

-Took his first trip to Nelson's Produce!

-Had a dip in the pool for the first time & he loved it!

-Took a 2 hour nap on his own! He's really struggled with 30 min naps from the time he was 4 weeks old. I say he struggled, but it was more like I struggled. Easton was ready to go after those short naps lol! But after using some tips from nap expert Cara, we had a breakthrough. It's only happened once (yesterday). Now that I know he can do it, I am going to continue to work with him on it.

-He rolled from tummy to his back 4 times in a row yesterday! I seriously think he will walk early. He is ready to explore!