Easton | 11 Months

11 months old already! 


I cannot believe how FAST Easton's first year is going! I am so behind on his monthly updates! Life has been BUSY! 

Since  my last update, Easton has had so many changes. 

Here are some of his milestones to note:

*He is eating SO well! He has been eating three meals a day since about nine months. He prefers fruit over anything else! He still loves to eat meat and he loves cheese! Veggies are hit and miss, but I am continuing to offer them.

*The "cruising" has begun. Easton will stand up and cruise along the furniture and balance himself without any assistance for a few seconds. Yesterday he faceplanted into the floor and hit his newly erupted front tooth on the wood floors of our home. I felt so bad! Thankfully he is alright and the tooth is fine! 

*Sleep is going well at night! Naps are still hit and miss! But, whatev's.

*The other night at dinner, he said "hungry" CLEAR. AS. DAY. Jeremy and I looked at each other in disbelief! He also tries to say "more", but it comes out "ma". Water is "bar". By the way, his favorite drink is water, he sips it really well now from an open cup! I havent gotten him to use a straw yet, but I need to start working on that.

*He LOVES playing fetch and tug of war with Ollie! I have to really supervise the two of them because they really get into it :) 

*His new favorite activity is his red wagon. He lights up everytime he goes for a ride! 

*One of his favorite pasttimes include looking out of our bedroom window. He will stare at the trees and the neighbor's house forever! 

Here is a precious photo of Easton from yesterday!