Downtown Stuart Engagement | Jordan + Bee Jay

Summer In The City

Her vivacious, sweet personality will leave you with a smile. You can't help but to be happy around Jordan. She's the type that can pick you up from a bad day and inject a ray of sunshine. Perhaps that is what drew Bee Jay to her. Originally from two different parts of the country, Jordan and Bee Jay met and instantly connected on movies and long car rides. And it just so happened that a long car ride to Nashville is what lead to their engagement!

Bee Jay had known that he wanted to spend forever with Jordan, but was just waiting for the perfect time to pop the question. Well, on the way to Nashville to visit Jordan's family, Jordan got the best surprise of her life! 

Jordan and Bee Jay's engagement session took place in Downtown Stuart. I will speak for all of us and just say, it was HOT outside! Even at 6:30 in the evening, that south Florida heat refused to let up. These two took the heat and were as cool as cucumbers! (I'm sorry it was so hot, guys!) We stayed near the river for most of the session where the boardwalk offered great opportunities. We finished the session along the sidewalks adjacent to the boutique shops, Jordan and I admiring the wardrobes as we passed by. 

Jordan, you braved the rocks to get this awesome shot! You're a trooper, thank you for trusting me! :)

As we shot a few images in front of Luna's Pizza, I couldn't help but dream of a slice of their delicious Margarita Pizza! 

Jordan, you look gorgeous!! Your hair and make up was perfection!