Downtown Stuart Engagement: Danisela + Mario

It was a warm and humid summer afternoon, as was typical for a June in the summertime. The breeze was blowing off of the river and the city workers that had come to a day's end were hustling their way back to their car to go home. Silver headed early birds were shuffling their feet outside of the nearby restaurants, clutching to their canes and pocketbooks as they made their way about. Downtown Stuart is not only a hub for the business person and hungry folks, but it also yields it's old historic buildings and alley ways. When you find it's gifts, it's the perfect spot for classy, romantic outdoor engagement photos. And that is exactly were I suggested we meet.

Her name was Danisela. Her fiancé's name was Mario. First off, can I say, what a beautiful name-Danisela! Especially when you say it and let the -sela- rolllll off your tongue, yes I may have done that aloud :). Both had met in high school--YES high school SWEETHEARTS!!! The term high school sweetheart brings such a nostalgic feeling when I think about it. How blessed to be able to literally begin your life with the one you love! They are a beautiful couple, she's got the prettiest brown eyes, y'all! Best of all, he can make her laugh so much, it's contagious! 

Thank you to Danisela and Mario for spending their afternoon with me, what a privilege to photograph your engagement!!