The Dog Days of Summer


The dog days of summer have arrived for us here in south Florida! In fact, Florida has turned up the HEAT up in here. Summer is typically my favorite time of year. I love the fact that my pool is 82 degrees and the fact that it is totally acceptable for me to wear flip flops and cut off shorts everyday, which also leaves me an excuse to not style my hair because it will go up in a bun anyways. (Did I mention I also love lounging in my pajamas till noon?!) I would consider summer "my" season :) By all means, sit me by the pool, give me a good book & an endless supply of iced chai tea lattes and I'll be all set! But oh-my-goodness has it been HOT and HUMID. 

Yesterday was a blessing. It finally RAINED. I feel like it hasn't rained in months and yesterday, it poured. It made me want to stand outside, spread my arms out and point my face towards the heavens, Shawshank Redemption style. The grass seems to have taken full advantage as it looks greener today than yesterday. But today, the sun is back out at full blast and the humidity is off the charts. Welp, looks like today we will escape the heat by way of pool. I've got a great book by one of my fav authors, a hat, and my husband. Summer, you can BRING. IT. ON.