Food + Exercise Planner by Day Designer

I love the thought of having my entire day planned out. On paper. Line by line, task by task.

One time, for a stretch of about 2 weeks, I planned out every important task that needed to be done each day. I even allocated time on my calendar to do absolutely nothing. I labeled it as "free time". I had never felt so organized in my life! Then, I must have hit a snag, a bump in the road, whatever it was, I stopped planning out my days. I had great intentions of returning back into a structure for myself, but hadn't yet.

But then. . . yesterday, there in my inbox, sat an email for a food + exercise planner printable! They cyber world must have seen me waving my white flag. This could be good. If you want to snag a free printable, check out these by Day Designer! Her planners are super cute too!! Way to stay organized!!

I'm going to give this meal + exercise planner a try, specifically, to plan out dinners throughout the week and keep track of exercising!