Date Night

I slid inside the booth and he squeezed in next to me, putting his arm around me to keep me warm. Jeremy didn't even have to ask, he knew I'd be cold. And I appreciated the gesture as I seem to always be cold everywhere I go. He is always looking after me in that way, always going out of his way to make me more comfortable. It's one of the things that I love about him. He will go many lengths to make sure I'm happy.

Tonight, we were out on a date night. It doesn't happen often enough! We'd both been so busy after our trip to Tennessee and having to come home, work and follow through with other commitments, left no time in our schedule for just us. So that's why on Sunday night when I was talking to Jeremy at work over the phone, he made a point to say that tonight would be our date night.

We generally try to plan for a date night once a week and on no particular day. Jeremy has a rotating schedule at work, so his schedule is always fluctuating. During date nights, we try to make a point to keep our cell phones away. It's bad enough that we are both on them all the time, so it's really important that we hide them away! 

We had plans to go to our favorite place for sushi, Kazu. When we pulled up, they were closed! We were so bummed! We had our hearts set on spicy tuna and miso soup so much so that it made it difficult to decide on where to go instead. We settled on Chilis, you really can't go wrong! Hello, queso dip. 

Here's our photo from lastnight, after a couple of outtakes we finally got a good one :)