Choosing a Wedding Date


We were on I-95 headed north from the airport from what was the most incredible two-day mini vacation we had ever been on. He had just popped the question one day prior. For two days, we were galavanting around the Big Apple with one of our most favorite couples, Jeremy's brother Shawn and his wife Kristy. The thrill of Jeremy proposing to me on the Top of the Rockafeller Center in NYC had left me giddy. With excitement anticipation, my fingers swiped through the calendar on my iPhone searching for the perfect wedding date, as if it would somehow manifest itself to me. "How about November--that sounds like a nice month," Jeremy suggested. The perfectionist inside me raised an eyebrow. I appreciated the recommendation but would I ever be able to plan the wedding I wanted in just three months' time? I carried on in a bride-to-be fashion and we discussed the factors that play a role in choosing a wedding date. . .

After the excitement of the proposal ensues, one of the first questions newly engaged couples ask is "when shall we 'save the date' "? Setting the date for your wedding can actually be one of the toughest tasks on the road to the Big Day! Things to consider:

*The Holidays: Keep in mind that choosing a wedding date in the winter might mean that it will be close to Christmas. If you like special events spread out throughout the year, then try to avoid the winter time. The same goes for birthdays. If you are the type that likes everything evenly spread out, then try considering a time where there is a “gap” between an anniversary and you or your fiance’s birthday. 

*The weather: Think about the type of ceremony you want to have ie: outdoor or indoor. As Floridians, we are aware that it’s generally either hot or cool with the occasional “cold” days. For me, anything below 75 degrees feels cold, lol! Two things: the extreme heat and the rain. Florida summers are known for their sporadic afternoon showers and thunderstorms as well as heat and humidity. So if you are wanting an outdoor ceremony, you may want to consider avoiding the summer months, or at least have a ‘back up plan’ for the ceremony to be in a different location in the event that it rains. My husband and I chose to have our ceremony outdoors and wanted to pick a month where we knew it wouldn’t be way to hot with the least chance of rain. We choose February--and the weather was fantastic!

*The day of the Week: For those of you that are on a budget, choosing a day during the week may be an option you might want to consider. Most vendors will offer discounts to couples who choose to have their wedding day on a Thursday, Friday or even a Sunday. Interestingly, a close relative of mine was able to get a discounted rate at her venue  because it fell on Friday the 13th! Apparently the superstitious connotation that came along with that date made a difference.

Happy Wedding Planning!